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Pumping those pedals is good for the heart, yet it’s not a routine rather it’s fun for kids. Your child will enjoy riding this saffron yellow sporty pedal go kart. It will be a cool ride for your child and it features an aerodynamic design with high backed bucket seats and durable tubeless rubber tires which grip not only the road but grass and gravel as well. Well designed coaster brake that works on both back wheels to control speed, even around turns, and bring the go kart to a quick stop when needed. It is appropriate for young children from 6 to 12 years old. Being pedal powered, it allows your child to control the speed of the cart and thereby enhancing a safe karting experience.

- With special-purpose steering wheel
- Steering wheel could adjust freely
- The diameter of tyre is 25 cm

Technical Parameter

Model No : FRGK3015
Size : 110*55*76cm
Gross Weight : 18.15Kg
Load : 60Kg
Age :            5-12

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