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Dragon coaster or Train Rides track rides are fun for all ages. Its is a newly designed fairground kids track train ride with totally new appearance and special tracks, this kids train ride is of great fun to the riders. The tracks and cars include flashing lights. The ride speed is adjustable.

Coaster Ride is a new train ride that slides along special railways. It drags most simple attraction but also one of the most fascinating, this with adjustable railings can be placed in any place to make the children happy with safer zone.

The unique specialty in appearance and new design alone with the colors can also be altered or customized in accordance with the taste and preference of the people interested taking in accounts with other safety criteria.

►This rides china outdoor train rides has Locomotive, 3 cabins in middle and tailstock, 5 cabins in total. The locomotive and tailstock can hold 2 persons separately, and 4 persons can sit in every middle cabin.

►This rides china outdoor regards dragon as its theme, unique novel and vivid design, bright painting color will attracts deeply both kids and adults. Also super high, long and fluctuant track make you shuttle back and forth in wonderful animal world.

►Anti-rust & automobile paint, hundreds of colorful LED lamps which is energy-saving, Standard rides compose: main body & control box



This amusement park ride is suit for funfairs, amusement parks, fairgrounds, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, theme parks and carnivals.


Function and Feature

Dragon Coaster is the most classic coaster for kids and family well known world-wide.

The ride is made up of 5 cabins in total, the Locomotive, 3 cabins in middle and the tailstock. The locomotive and tailstock can hold 2 persons separately, and 4 passengers in each middle cabin. The cockpits can be themed in different subject according to customer's request.

The cockpits has been modified for a better adults accommodation inside,Parents can run with their children thus increasing the number of passengers.

Technical Parameter

Model : FRAR2021
Area      : 24mx12m
Size   :  
Weight    :  
Capacity   : 16seats
Power   : 6.5 KW
Voltage : 380V
Speed  : 14 kmph
Material  : FRP & Steel
Customization :           Yes



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