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Concept on Playground Design

Concept on Playground Design

The huge response to “Fair Play Options For children” a research programme conducted by Funriders Leisure & Amusement Pvt. Ltd among the school going students their parents and teachers shows that children and young people want to get themselves involved in play and other playground related game options. They are all done with the conventional play equipments and now looking for bigger and better play grounds with more exciting and challenging play equipment and activities available to them.

As we carried out our research programme throughout the country, we heard the same from parents too. All the parents were of the opinion that more parks with new play equipments have to be introduced so much so that children can enjoy the new play options. For the past few years rural and urban developmental programmes by the government bodies and NGOs have set out for a great vision for excellent play opportunities in every local area. They are giving importance to the renovation of existing parks and setting up new ones throughout the nation. The responsibility for providing park and playground facilities rests mainly with local bodies of the government. To effectively meet this responsibility, politicians, government officials and members of the local developmental bodies must be constantly aware of shifting playground, park and play interests among the public.

The activity and play space provided for children in playgrounds and parks are largely determined by distinctive play equipments along with enough buffer space incorporated into the playground. Playgrounds offer a range of developmentally appropriate activities for social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.

Properly planned and designed playgrounds and parks can meet all the developmental needs of children. Many playgrounds that are unused or unable to use is a result of either improper planning or poor quality play equipments. This happens mainly because of lack of professionalism in developing playgrounds and parks and also going for local parties for cheap products. Just knowing how to do or make things is not professionalism rather it’s the ability to do things in class and style and it requires experience and expertise and about the quality of the play equipments, quality is never an accident it is the result of professionalism, experience and expertise. Local parties can never be trusted for a good playground and play equipments.

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