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Scope of Indoor Soft Play in India

Scope of Indoor Soft Play in India

Children are very precious part of a family. In India children are very much cared and pampered by almost all the elders, no matter how old they are. Now days as both men and women are independent and even the concept of family planning are considered by almost all the couples, everyone ought to have one or two child and each and every penny are spend for the children so that they can serve the best for them. Not only in metropolitan cities, In B and C grade cities parents want their children to study in the best school, even they make their children to involve in extra-curricular activities whether it is singing, dancing, karate, yoga, swimming etc.

Now as both parents are working, in weekends they want to spend time together as well as purchase groceries and other necessary items, need to dine from outside and have one day full leisure and amusement they prefers mainly shopping malls, super markets or hyper markets so that they can even buy items and do all the other activities and here comes the concept of indoor soft play.

In modern India, majority is the nuclear families and parents don’t feel their children are safe to play outdoor; one reason is they can’t see the child to be injured; other reason is the security as they can’t leave their child to play alone outside, as everyone cares more about their child.

The soft play is solution for all. When the indoor soft play is available inside a shopping mall or hyper market the parents can leave their child to play, as it is considered safe and secure. As soft play is considered it is safe as the name itself says, its soft, structured and safety netting are provided so there is no point in getting injured and as security is considered, these places will have both security officers and camera, so no fear to leave child to play and as parents are considered, what else can make them happy other than seeing their child play with happiness with lots of excitement and even in some game parents can take part with their child. What other activity other than playing gives child both physical and mental fitness?

Soft play can be considered as one of the booming and emerging industry. People are ready to spend money for their child to see them happy and even they ought to spend in those places where they can fulfill all their purpose and even have a one stop full experience of shopping and fun.

By Sonal R Pillai

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