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Why children love playing in a Soft Play

Why children love playing in a Soft Play

For those burning hot days and raining cats and dogs, when the kiddies dream of a calm weather when they can scamper and play with endless energy to blaze but the outside playground is not an option, the soft play beckons. The Soft Play concept and design came about in order to improve the whole experience of family entertainment centers across the globe. Every play event and aspect of the Soft Play has been put together after careful thought into the needs of different age groups and their abilities.

Soft plays or indoor playground for children is a great way to take advantage of a large space and provide kids a safe place to play in adverse months or there is no outdoor play area. Often, small children don't get a chance to be active in outdoor plays because it is too difficult for them to navigate in extreme weather conditions, or it's simply too hot. If the weather is in its extreme where you live or you need to provide a safer place for kids to play, an indoor soft play can be an ideal community or business idea.

Upon entering a soft play area, children’s as well as adult’s senses will be overloaded because the whole area will be flooded with different kinds of soft play equipments and indoor play structures. Kids will be charging around like monkeys on speed. Parents will initially feel like they are drowning in a sea of screaming and snotty noses, but after some time their eyes and ears will become quite accustomed to the play atmosphere.

So when it comes time to plan and design a playground, the paradigm is to search through the catalogues of playground equipment, pick a piece or two that looks good to the adult and place it in an outdoor space which resembles their childhood memories of playgrounds. This is easy and doesn't take a whole lot of effort. Then once or twice a day, teachers let children go outside for a recess from their classroom activities to play on the equipment. Today, fortunately, most soft play equipments comes with much safer standards. National and International standards encourage the installation of safety fall surfaces and ADA is making the equipment more accessible.

Play is also important for parents too! Despite the increasing pressures of modern life, finding time to play with their children is a great opportunity for them to benefit from the shared experiences that helps strengthen the bond between parent and child. Good quality play needn’t cost anything except time. A parent can enter the play area which includes ball parks, slides, art and craft area, soft shapes, soft toys and special area especially for toddlers.

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