Family Rides

For those summer schools out days and kiddies dream of a calm weather when they can scamper and play with endless energy to blaze, there's no better way to celebrate those days than with a trip to the amusement park.  These amusement parks always have in their pocket something exiting and amusing for kiddies and family with family rides, carousels, climbing walls, rope courses, bumper cars, go-karts, ferry wheels, coasters of all shapes and sizes and lot more.

Family Rides are star players in the Amusement Parks, designed especially for the whole family to enjoy and have tremendous fun. The prime attraction of the Family Rides is the dazzling themes with the most amusing and exiting ride experience.

The Funriders Family Ride series facets Blue Star, Carnival Bike, Flying Elephant, Coffee Cup, Mini Flying Car, Motor Race, Rocking Tug, Samba Balloon, Jelly Fish, Self Control Plane, Small Octopus, Snail Attacking, Wave Flying Boat, Wave Flying Car etc.

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