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1.Real Dynamic system
Linkyou’s self-made dynamic system is the most advanced interactive modern system in simulator market. Multiple vibrations of the motion-based platform sync to the sophisticated game software’s movements. That’s to say, Platform will generate actions including dive, tilting or up and down while you brake or accelerate. Above all, the synchronization would not be slow down as time goes by which enormously excellent than those normal system sync to leve but not game.
2. HD Displayers (Three)
Complete with three 42-inch HD screens brings you realistic and hyper driving views. High definition and fluency graphic effect perfectly brings the formula 1 racing to real life away from track.
3. Servo motor and Cylinder
We keep improving the core of machine - awesome performance electric servo motor attached in cylinders. Servo motor enhances the speed and accuracy of the movements. 7500Watt powerful motor supports multiple vibrations integrated to new top perform.

Technical Parameter

Model :  
Material : Fiberglass
Dimension : 430*190*150cm
Voltage : 110V/220V
Net Weight :            300Kg
Capacity : 1 player


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