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Inclusive play

Inclusive play

Inclusive playgrounds are created to include everyone.

 The wheelchair-accessible playground can boost the confidence of children, here kids learn to interact with their peers. The new playground equipment name: all-inclusive playground equipment denotes a new way of play! That of compassion and togetherness. The social and communicative skills of children are improved by the inclusive play setting. We design inclusive play environments that welcome kids and families of all ages and abilities to the play world. There is a large variety of inclusive playground equipment, India for the little ones.

What is inclusion?

The inclusive play equipment is designed with everyone in mind. We make it a point that all are included in the play world. Kids of all abilities can play freely inside the inclusive park. 

additional features like complete wheelchair access, safety belts, wheelchair ramps, 

Our Inclusive play Range 

 Our playground service

We provide end to end playground service from design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. 

The sensory play equipment and musical play equipment add more fun to the playground. The outdoors provides a fresh and serene atmosphere and it energies their mind and body. We have all varieties of inclusive playground equipment and outdoor play equipment for kids playgrounds, public parks, outdoor kids parks, commercial kids playgrounds, all over India.

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