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Soft toys

<h1>soft toys for your little one</h1>

Being the pioneer soft toy manufacturers we realize that, kids need toys that are delicate and soft. We manufacture India's best soft toys at our factory with lead-free raw materials and non-toxic colours.  You can avail the quality Soft Toy at best Price in India. 

We have a variety of soft play blocks and soft toys to entertain your little one. The baby gym soft toys and Eva mats create the ideal ambience for your baby. The soft toys are made in accordance with international toy safety standards. 


Funriders conceptualize ideas and design soft play structures to fit into just about any size space for perfect kids play center. Our small soft play structures and indoor play areas are perfect solutions for businesses that have only limited floor space or ceiling heights to accommodate full-sized soft play structures. Just because the play area is small, doesn’t mean the play experience is too.

Funriders can help you to design and develop small soft play structures, play areas and also children art and craft area that ideally suits your environment as well as your budget. You can choose from our extensive range of existing designs, or formulate a new one according to your own size requirements and theme. We will then manufacture your personalized play structure in our factory ensuring all safety standards and quality, ready for installation. Once your product is ready, you can rest assured that the kids will have loads of fun, while remaining safe and secure.

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