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Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round manufacturer

  Outdoor play merry Go round is always children's favourite ride. It is the most sought after play equipment for schools and parks. The FRP merry go rounds in Funriders are manufactured at our own factory. Thus our clients can personally view the quality production. The play equipment is available on the direct sale from our factory, and our customers will be getting the play equipment at the best price in India. 

Kids play equipment -merry go round - New designs!

Our in -house designing team creates unique and kids friendly designs. The new and attractive kids play equipment can make your play area stand out from the rest. Our innovative merry go round patterns such as Ant merry go round, Bee merry go round, and the thrilling swing go-rounds are the highlights of this series. 

Inclusive merry go round with wheelchair access

We believe that all kids on Earth are capable of playing, and no kid should be left out in the world of play. We create inclusive play equipment for differently-abled kids. The wheelchair-accessible merry go rounds create an easy platform for kids of all abilities to play together. 

Miles to go round and round in the merry go rounds. Children would be thrilled to be in the circular turns of fun, where they can have lots of fun moving in the circular way.

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