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Outdoor Play Equipments Manufacturer

The Creative Outdoor play equipment Manufacturer 

Being India's leading "outdoor play equipment manufactures and suppliers " we are delighted to present our wide range of outdoor play/park equipment. We create the ideal ambience for play! We make it a point that our playgrounds carry innovation and fun. Inclusive play equipment range for kids of all abilities are our priority.

Our 300+play equipment for children are uniquely designed and manufactured at our factory situated in Cochin, Kerala,India. As the major play park equipment suppliers in the city we give prime importance to quality and safety. We manufacture a wide vareity of kids slides,swings,merry go rounds,kids swing set outdoor p[ark benches and garden decor.

Why we give prime importance to kids play?

As an experienced outdoor play equipment manufacturer & supplier, we realize the value of play. It is by means of play that all children learn about themselves, others and their environment. Play can be active, passive, solitary, independent, assisted, social, exploratory, educational or just for fun. It is usually a multi-sensory experience involving sensations of seeing, hearing and touching, as well as carrying out activities requiring expansive or delicate movements.

Children need play equipments especially outdoor play equipments and activities to encourage the use of their skills. Appropriate outdoor play equipments and its use by children are very much crucial for their motor skill development.  Outdoor play equipments are most useful since they provide a range of skills to be learnt by the child, over a period of time, as their abilities progress. Children need access to all outdoor play equipments as well as therapeutic toys and equipments. However, parents can be creative in buying their children effective outdoor play equipments, so that as many stimulating and fun activities can be achieved from the play equipments by using them in ways other than the purpose for which they were designed.

At Funriders, we offer an extensive and ever growing range of multi activity play stations and outdoor play equipments. We also have single play equipments like slides, swings, seesaws, merry go rounds etc. Our products ranges from single items to large multi-piece play sets and play zones that can cover large areas.

Arguably the leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial indoor and outdoor play equipments and amenities in the nation, our projects are fully coaxed and structured to meet our client’s requirement and also our product convenes all safety standards and potency requirements. Our each project is unique and "one of a kind design". We do this for one simple reason; when our client makes an investment, we want to make sure that they get hold of the best "return" possible.


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