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Inclusive MFS

The inclusive play station is the ideal playground for kids of all abilities. The wheel chair accessible playground and inclusive play equipment provide an easy access to all the play elements.

We prove complete playground support from Playground design ,Manufacturing and Installation.

Each ride in the inclusive multi fun system can be customized according to your choice.

Our inclusive outdoor park is set with the most kids friendly and safe play equipment.The play equipment includes: inclusive merry go round, inclusive playground slide, inclusive swings, wheel chair ramps, seesaw, slides etc.

Th sensory play equipment and complete wheelchair access enable kids of all abilities to play together. The inclusive park equipment India is designed with all safety settings including gripped platforms, seat belts, wide seats, reduced fall heights and playground safety surfacing.

We provide complete playground assistance to build a custom inclusive playground anywhere in India. We have built kids friendly parks all across India,and our play equipment are installed in all major cities including Kochi, Chennai,Mumbai,Bangalore. Our playground network spans all over India and especially in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka Tamilnadu ,Telangana and Puducherry.

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