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Return on Investment

Owning a playground can be a rewarding business. The benefits will reflect in three different ways as
• Increased profitability
• Brand visibility
• Social responsibility

Setting of playground is a booming business that harnesses the demands of the tremendous children’s services market, as economy develops and middle class population grows, the global need for childrens’ play products and service is destined to grow fast in the coming decades, creating huge market opportunities for playground business.

Owning a playground can be a rewarding business. On average, you can expect to get your initial investment back within 6 months after opening your doors. The annual return on investment is between 70% to 100% in the following years. However, like any other type of business, the actual profit and return of playground may vary, because no two business are the same, you should make your own financial analysis.

Below are some defining factors that will affect the profit and payback period of your play center business:
• What will your overall cost be?
• What is the market like in your area?
• How is your playground different from others?
• Do you have a good location?
• Do you have what it takes?

Small businesses require motivation and hard work. The return on investment of each business will be different depending on how the owner operates the business. This is one of the biggest variables in all startup business. However, having access to the best playground equipment at reasonable prices, coupled with Funriders’ superior support can make the difference between success and failure
From finding ideal location opportunities to marketing against competitors, Funriders gives all the resources and expertise to make growing your business enjoyable and profitable.

You tend to be the busiest during the initial stage of setting up the play centre when you need to gain awareness for your business. However, once you have developed a steady customer base, word of mouth will be the main propeller behind your marketing efforts. This enables you to expand your customer base automatically.

Family Entertainment centers and kids play centers are proven business models in the Western countries. Consumers in the developing countries are following the trend. You can enjoy a fast growing and sustainable playground business with countless opportunities, particularly for developing economies, because parents appreciate the benefits of playground. There is a heightened awareness among parents with regard to the benefits of physical play for children. Apart from getting healthier and fitter, kids also get to develop their self esteem, confidence and social skills when they play with other same age peers.
A playground business can be your way of contributing to the community as you provide a kid-friendly environment for families to indulge in some quality family time, and for parents to socialize with each other.Life often dictates that we can’t have the best of both worlds, but you can defy this notion when you start your own business specializing in indoor or outdoor play for kids. You can meet your financial, family and career goals and this is how you can achieve it.

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