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Dust Bin

FRP dust bin

The right FRP dust bin to hide your trash!! Let our kids learn the lessons of cleanliness and hygiene through proper waste disposal system in the playground. Funriders offers exclusive designer FRP dust bins that would take all the dirt as well as decorate your playground. Our child friendly and easy to access design of the trash bins would encourage the kids to keep the play area clean.

We offer custom FRP Dust bin designs and our wide choice of designer dustbins are durable and easy to use. 

funders frp dust bin range

FRP Drum dustbin

FRP box bin

FRP pencil bin

FRP cup bin

FRP puppy Bin

FRP Frog bin

FRP Trunk bin

FRP dual trash can

FRP Twin trash can

FRP Smiley trash can

FRP Round trash Bin

FRP Trio recycle bin

FRP Trash box

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