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The soft play area surfacing and foam padding are two different ways to ensure safety in a play area. The pillars in between the play structures should be covered with foam padding.
The play area CAD refers to the Computer-Aided Design of your area. It is created by architects and our designers would create the play area 3D design based on your CAD. Do you have services outside India? Yes, we do have playground services outside India.
We have a group of enthusiastic designers to create 3D designs for your play area project. Our in house designers will create a fully customized and budget-oriented design according to your preferences.
The minimum height required for an indoor play space is 10feet. We can install a multi-layered play station if space has 12-15feet height.
We would suggest at least 300 sq feet are to have a mini play area with multiple activities. The play area classification is as follows Mini play area –below 500 sq ft Medium play area 500-1500 sq ft Large play area 1500 and above.
The indoor play areas literally fit anywhere. The play areas can be set in shopping malls, apartments, hospitals, retail shops, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, office spaces, airports, railway stations and where not.
At first, our play consultants would discuss the possible play area plan according to your ideas and budget. Step 1-CAD formation -Step 2 Designing -Step 3 manufacturing- Step4 Quality assurance -Step5 Installation and project completion.
Inclusive playgrounds are all ability playgrounds that area wheelchair accessible. The entire play area will be made accessible to kids of all abilities. We focus on sensory play toys that engage all senses. The merry go rounds, swings, slides, and other inclusive rides are modified to meet the play needs of differently-abled kids.
We provide complete service from design, manufacturing, shipping and installation. Our in house designers create customized play area designs at clients ideas. The products are manufactured in our factory in Kerala and we will ship the finished goods on to your site. The installation will be carried out by our staff and we also provide a 1-year warranty.
Our play area consultant would examine your site and will give you the necessary details.
Our company is certified with TUV. We follow international standards like ASEM, CE
Indoor play areas are an excellent choice for metro cities. The indoor play areas are devoid of pollution and weather constraints. The soft play areas can be set in any space including shopping malls, office spaces, retail shops, hospitals, apartments and so on.
Yes, we provide mini trampolines for children. It is usually set along with the soft play area. The trampolines provide a fun jumping activity for kids(jumping trampoline), and it is also an exercise in disguise(exercise trampoline).
Trampolines and Ninja course cater to both kids as well as adults.
Our products cater to both toddler play equipment (age .6 moths to 3years) and kids play equipment for4-12 yrs and adult trampoline and fitness equipment.
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