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Large Soft Play Structure

The large soft play structure

The large play area structure is apt for commercial play areas with an area of 3000Sqft and more. The commercial play areas are designed to include the maximum number of kids with multi-activity games. There will be separate toddler play (.6months -3yrs) and kids play (4yrs-12yrs) areas.

Customer-oriented play areas

The soft play structure is primarily designed at a theme that is appropriate for the play area name/brand by our in-house designers. The choice of play equipment and colour selection are also done at a custom basis. There are 100+kids’ friendly themes available at our design pallet and customers can opt for exclusive designs that make their play area stand out.

Play activities selection

We encourage multi-activity play for the overall development of kids. Our play areas are uniquely constructed with a focus on play-based learning. The developmental toys are central to the intellectual and physical growth of children. Our play equipment encourages movement play, critical thinking, problem-solving.

Age-appropriate play equipment is necessary for meeting the developmental needs. Funriders playground experts design age-appropriate soft play equipment for each developmental milestone.

 Toddler toys- Our baby range soft toys include the soft blocks, baby slides, rockers and so on. The baby play equipment is designed for the first visitors to the play world

If a larger space available then large soft play structure or adventure play structure is the best option because the revenue return will also be higher when compared to the small and medium structures. Here at Funriders we provide innovative and personalized multi level mega soft play structures and equipments, provided the ceiling height and floor area is not constrained.

Providing turnkey solutions for small to large and mega indoor soft play structure designs and equipments, Funriders prides itself on installing eye-catching soft play structures and indoor play areas a perfect solution for businesses that have got considerable floor space or ceiling heights but cannot accommodate full-sized mega soft play structures.

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