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Combination Set

Combination set

 The fun combination of swings, slides, seesaw and all the favourite rides under one roof.  We provide customized playground design, manufacturing and installation services.

The combinations can be set according to customers choice. Get a free design now!

Outdoor play equipment for children up to 3yrs

Age appropriate play equipment is essential for the growth and well-being of children.  We have Kiddies range play equipment for the young visitors of playground. The kiddies series include mini slides, rockers, bucket swing, spring riders, merry go rounds, seesaws and more.

Outdoor play equipment for children of age group 4-8

For the vibrant kids we have something more energetic like wall climbers, rock climbers, slides-wave, tube, roller variations, swings, see saws and many more.

Hybrid adventure play 8-12yrs

The adventure play rides are designed for the energetic kids. The hybrid sector majorly focuses on climbing activities.

Kids want everything in one stretch. Our child specialists and designers know these divergent fun demands of children and they create the perfect ambience that would make any child happy with the playground.

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