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Park Benches-creative range

Funriders Park benches are the blend of innovation and elegance.  We introduce a new range of outdoor benches that would complete your playground. The highlighted garden benches carry creativity and comfort and it would witness the most cherishing moments during the playtime.

Custom made outdoor garden benches

Our outdoor garden benches are custom made according to your choice. Our in-house designers create the most unique and creative garden benches. Explore our collection of Outdoor and Garden Furniture >Garden Bench > Cast Iron Park Benches.

The outdoor park benches are designed and manufactured exclusively at our factory. We provide custom play solutions to meet your space and budget. The park benches design can be customized according to the area specifications.

Multi-colour designer collection to suit your outdoor ambience. The varied collection is a blend of contemporary design and ethnic art.

How to know what mounting option you need? 
There are three common bench mounting options industry wide.  Portable, surface mount and In-ground mount.  Each mounting option is selected according to the clients requirement.  

Portable benches - A portable bench is required if you would like to shift the park bench from one location to another.  This will be a non-permanent mount, and the bench will be set on a level surface independently without fixing it to the ground..

Surface Mount -The surface mount option is a semi-permanent fixing.  This mounting option requires a concrete surface in order to anchor bolts into the mounting surface. This is a very flexible fixing option.  If you need to relocate the bench, they just need to remove the bolts and relocate the bench to another location.

In-Ground fixing- This mounting option is a permanent fixing method. The benches are permanently fixed to the ground using concrete. This mounting option demands  more labour than the other two mounting options. This is a permanent mounting option and cannot be relocated once installed. 

How to know what material type you need?

Consider the area of installation before you purchase the bench. We recommend environment oriented design, and if you are choosing for a beach side /river side a non-corrosive material would be recommended.

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