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Wall games

Funtastic wall game

The wall toys are designed to entertain as well as educate young minds. It helps to improve hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and sensorimotor skills. Wall games equipment can be installed easily. The wall toy patterns are available in multiple themes.


  • Fun puzzle wall toy
  • Storyboard wall toy
  • Number series wall toy
  • Learning blocks wall game
  • Alphabet wall game
  • Simple math wall game
  • Running maze wall game
  • Find the way wall toy

    Wall toys for babies

The creative wall toys can be introduced to your baby at a very young age. The multi-colour wall toys would help him understand the primary concept of colours thereby helping the cognitive abilities.

Wall game for children

Kids are eager to explore the unknown and solving fun puzzles will help them improve their logical reasoning skills. Explore our collection of creative wall games with multiple benefits like hand-eye coordination, sensory-motor skills, finger strength and cognitive skills.

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