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Double Decker MFS

The Multi-Activity Platform

Our double-decker play system is designed with multiple activities to engage a large number of kids at a time. The activity-oriented play structure includes play events that cater to different play demands of children. We have sensory play equipment that cater to the five senses. The movement play options like slides, swings, wall-climbers, crawling tubes etc are designed to encourage physical movement.

Sensory play equipment

Visual-Auditory-Tactile Play

The xox and sensory wall games are designed for improving cognitive abilities. Kids are encouraged to think critically and solve basic math and word puzzles.

The Rain wheel and Music chimes are the auditory play equipment exclusively designed for musical play. The sensory wall games are fixed in the corners for encouraging critical thinking. The educational number- puzzles and word games can also be included in the wall games.

The sensory play options cater to kids of all abilities. The differently-abled children can play freely at out inclusive play equipment. The visual play events such as mirror play, wall games and inclusive play equipment.  

Double the fun! Double the entertainment!! Our vibrant double decker makes the playtime fantastic. We realize that their play dreams know no limits and our creative experts have wonderfully crafted the most satisfying play option for the little ones.

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