The scope for Indoor play areas in India

Indoor playgrounds serve an increasing need in our society. Studies show that children are less active and less fit than they were even five years ago, probably due to increasing time in front of Smartphones/ television and high calorie-high fat diets. Less active children have a high risk of overweight and other lifestyle diseases.

As people have become more aware of the healthy aspects of their lifestyles, the number of adult health clubs, recreational activities in India has increased dramatically. This trend will continue as parents attempt to provide a healthier lifestyle for...

Need for active Outdoor playgrounds

2020 playgrounds are more advanced in terms of activities, equipment and innovative designs. Being the largest outdoor play equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India we witnessed the radical changes in the playground industry.

Why we need actual playgrounds?

The outdoor play equipment manufacturers wholly agree that electronic gadgets and video games have stolen many children from the actual playgrounds in the past ten years.

The gradual shift from actual play areas to computer monitors lead to lifestyle diseases and obesity among school children. There ...

Indoor play centre at your Business space- complete guide

Today indoor play centre is the perfect business strategy for various sectors like shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants and office spaces. The family entertainment centres make the business space more welcoming and family-friendly. The indoor playground manufacturers have changed the entire shopping concept with the advent of indoor play areas and adult trampoline parks.

In the city, you will find indoor play areas as the perfect place for a family outing and week...

The importance of play and digital detox among today’s youngsters

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It is true that youth in 2019 live with the YOLO (You Only Live Once) motto. Today’s reality is that teenagers are always "on“ in the online platform and we hardly get to see their offline life. It is sarcastically said, that; today's youngsters show respect by unplugging their earphones and locking their mobile screens when elders enter the room.

Social media has literally snatched the real world. It showcased yesterday with likes, it clicks today with hashtags ...

Top ten benefits of Trampoline Exercise

Trampoline parks are the most sought after entertainment option in 2019 as per the report by trampoline park manufacturers. The indoor children’s parks opted trampoline as their biggest attraction, as there are no age limits for trampoline.

You are never too old to play in the trampolines! In fact trampoline exercise is a globally acknowledged activity that is proven to improve your physical health.


The high bouncing activity on the trampolines could give you the best cardio exercise. The low –impact exercise increases heart rate and b...

Everything you need to know about indoorplay area business

Have you got a minimum space of 300 sq. feet to start a new business? Are you currently into a family cantered business like cafeterias, shopping malls and so on? Then kids indoor playgrounds would be a right add on to your existing business space.Or you can start a full- fledged play area at your space.Adding an indoor playground for kids will help your business grow. Funriders indoor soft playgrounds can be designed and installed on a custom basis (according to your area & budget).

The entertaining play area in your business space encourages families to spend more time at ...

School Playground Equipment Guidelines

School Playground Equipment Guidelines

School playgrounds are the perfect place for children to learn, play and explore. Studies have proven that physical activity in the playground improves academic performance and classroom behaviour.

Children of the age range 5-12 undergo a lot of mental and physical changes; new habits are formed and nurtured during this age. So forming a strong foundation in the character-wise as well as the body strength-wise is equally important. Choice of outdoor play equipment in school plays a crucial role in the overall developmen...

Kids play centre Business in India- Tips for beginners

Kids need active playgrounds, not smartphones! We are on a mission to spread a new way of entertainment. Our indoor soft play world is dedicated to all kiddies out there.

Funriders indoor playground is a new age play area for new-gen kids. Here we promote a completely gadget-free play with multi-activity zones that promote mental and physical health. The play area caters to children of all abilities and it has separate toddler play and kids play zones.

The creche facility and children’s party space makes it the perfect place to hang out with kids. Adults who acco...

The Growth of kid’s indoor playground business in India

Kids indoor play centers came into the forefront a couple of years ago. People began to consider the play areas as a profitable business and the number of people who have taken up this field has doubled within the short span.

This rapid shift from outdoor parks to indoor kids play areas began in the metro cities. Especially in the industrial areas where people migrated in search of new pastures.

Indoor play areas were a prominent feature in western culture. First these play areas began to function as children’s crèche or kindergarten. Later on people began to consi...

How to start a soft play area business in India-Complete guide

Indoor soft play business is one among the colourful business options; if taken the right approach it will be a valuable source of income. The metropolitan cities in India have accepted the Kids play area as a valuable source of profit. Children’s leisure and amusement industry is now taking a ’u’turn to family entertainment centres or FECs.

The place which can entertain children and give peace of mind to parents; this is what a kid’s play area all about! So, when thinking about the play area business, the first concern should be quality and safety.

Inclusive playground in India - THE HEALING POWER OF PLAY: INCLUSION

Children’s play equipment manufacturers design inclusive play for differently abled children. Playtime has a bigger role in shaping children’s lives. The recreation hours are crucial as it has a lot to offer for brain development.

Differently abled? Yes Eligible for play? Yes you are.

A little extra care for those who need special care is the motto of inclusion. There must be no disability which prevents kids from playing. That’s why we have created the all...

New nature series 2019 - Outdoor play area designs

Attractive themes to get your outdoors much more playful! Presenting our brand new Nature series!! A thrilling combination of nature-inspired Multi-Fun Stations for children. We aim activity, inclusion and health and we make it a point that our playgrounds serve that purpose.

Nature series carry the zest of nature in every inch. By these new wood themed designs, we aim to create a play space that connects children to the earth. Along with the classic set of play equipments, we offer the adventurous bunch of tyre swings, wall climbers and tunnel sets.

Let’s look de...

Guide to play area business

Setting up kids indoor play area is one of the most profitable and satisfying businesses. It can either be set up as an independent play space or as add on to the existing business restaurant play area, shopping mall plays area etc. User oriented design and safe and best in class equipment can definitely make the indoor play a valuable business.

Focus on amenities

The target customers of an indoor play area are definitely little children of ages between 3-12. Nowadays people opt for family friendly play and party areas along with soft play. A creche facility, party s...

Playtime is children’s work out time! Expert talks.

Experts say that children who play regularly for at least one hour a day have twice physical and mental health than kids who don’t. Children’s specialists are of the opinion that, the reason for most of the behavioural and academic problems is lack of play!

Sit less move more

It is better to avoid long hours of sitting whether it is at school or at home. Children’s body need work out sessions every now and then. The video games and smartphones become villainous here; as kids tend to gaze on the screen and forget the reality around.

Fight obesity...

Playground additions 2019; Kids adventure series!!

The high energy play ground is the trend of 2019!!! Children’s play equipment suppliers all around the globe invent smart play ideas day by day. At Funriders, we have something new to add on to the adventure play list.

The high energy kids need exciting rides for the playful workout. The dynamic play elements encourage kids to seek new heights and mark new records. In our new collections we have given primary importance to movement. Kids need to move their body and stretch their muscles. In our high energy parks kids learn to coordinate and balance their body movements.


Let’s combine play and learning; New methodologies in early education

The perfect way to learn something new is learning it in a fun way! Kid’s educational and recreational industries are now joining together for a much more effective method of development. Education specialists all over the world opt for clutter-free; simpler and straightforward play events to teach elementary lessons. The new mode of learning is playful and enjoyable one. The new methodologies focus on the various features of play like creative, imaginative, communicative, problem solving and people skills. Child specialists have recommended three hour free play for kids for effect...


Have you got the plans for an indoor soft playground? Are you seriously thinking about the pros and cons of the kid’s playground business? Then this article is meant for you.

Adding an indoor play area into your current business is a wise choice, as the demand for crèches and childcare centres are increasing day by day. Whether you own a super market, jewellery, retail shop or restaurant, the kid’s playground will provide the ideal ambience for your customers. The play areas will attract more frequent visitors to your place and help your business grow.

The rig...



The hyper active kids are always on the go. They climb the way up and jump the way down, run, skip and what not?! The reality is that they find it really hard to sit still or do something continuously for a long period of time. Parents and caretakers most often consider the hyperactive behaviour as over acting or attention seeking behaviour.

The best therapy for ADHD is to provide them something engaging as well as entertaining; something that does not make them feel obstructed. There are a couple of fun and safe play optio...

Is your playground inclusive?

All children in the world deserve a space to be called their own, where they can be themselves, to be able to run jump and scream!!! Outdoor playground equipment manufacturers all across the globe dedicate their time in search of new play options and creative ideas.

The primary goal in creating a play area is providing fun for all kids regardless of their limitations or abilities. It is important to give equal opportunities to the children who are differently abled.

  • Include physical play
  • Kids need to be active ...

Real Play is important for their growth

Lets examine Piaget’s cognitive development theory on the basis of play;

Sensorimotor Stage (O-2 Years)

The stage during which sensory input and motor responses become coordinated, the child put everything he gets in his mouth and plays with the “Chance” card. Active play with child is most effective at this stage. Encourage explorations in touching, smelling, and manipulating objects. Peekaboo is a good way to establish the permanence of objects. Indoor soft play toys are a better option as they are weightless, soft and secure compared to other play toys...

Why sensory toys are important for your child?

Kids begin to experience the world primarily through the five senses. They see, smell, touch, hear and taste anything and everything to get a good grasp of the outer world. The role of each sense is vital in making the kid a smart individual and to stimulate the senses the most appropriate choice is the soft play toys!!

Sensory soft play toys are highly recommended by the child specialists all around the world as the most effective tools for improving gross motor and cognitive skills. It is important to provide a safe environment for kids to try their first steps in the pl...

Fitness meets fun at the park

Outdoor fitness; a new trend in the park industry

Have you tired of being called fat or overweight? The thought of going to the gym and fitness centres might invoke a sense of boredom as they are mostly crowded in the peak hours. Most of us have 8-12 hr busy work schedule in which we even forget to breathe!!! Quite an exaggeration but we need some time of our own, to refresh our mind and bo...

How to make your dream playground real? For those who are new to the playground business.

Explore your ideas: Have an idea about the whole project as a first step. Think on the possible designs, themes and certainly about the budget.

Visit similar projects if possible or you can also check the websites and online sources. It will help you in have a research and you can easily note down the additions, which can be included in your area.

Target your customer it is an important factor, as we are going to deal with the naughty kids. Know the likes and dislikes of children who are going to be the end users in you...

The new wave in the entertainment industry

Children are the most updated individuals in all eras. The craving for everything new is right there in their genes. Now that the technology is changing day by day so does the concept of entertainment.

New concepts in the entertainment industry focus not only on children but also the adults who accompany them. The new wave in the industry aim to entertain people of all age groups; from the toddler to the eldest member in the family. The play events have undergone a shift from mere entertainment to adventure and fun.

The energizing trampoline parks offer fun of excitemen...

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