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Outdoor Rope Course

The only way to realize your strength and discover your true potential is to break out the comfort zones and defy yourself!

Ropes course offers a memorable experience to challenge your limits by undertaking an adventure that enhances not only your physical strength but also your mental capabilities. Rope courses are the most fun, educational and real world experience that one can undertake at camps. The outdoors is a perfect setting to undertake this thrilling adventure sport.

Outdoor rope course is a succession of artificial obstacles between living or artificial tree trunks or steel poles at a height of 3 to 15 meters. Prior to and immediately after each obstacle there will be a platform from where the next level can be started. According to this basic structure, various dexterity workouts like suspension bridges, spider webs or rope slides are combined, depending on the level of difficulty. Preferably, rope course consists of at least three sections with 10 to 15 levels each. For children there are special courses with easier exercises at a lower height. All elements of outdoor ropes course are secured at the trunks using a special securing technique that leaves the bark completely unscathed and the naturalness of the wood intact.

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