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MFS Nature series

MFS Nature Series

The outdoor multi-play system is designed in the nature theme. It offers multi-play activities including sliding, climbing, swinging, crawling etc.  The play equipment are made considering the various developmental needs of children. Our playground equipment is classified into kiddies play and kids play equipment.

At our kiddies play rides there is tiny soft and safe play equipment like mini slide, seesaw, bucket swing, rockers, spring riders mini wall climbers, kids swing etc. It caters to kids of ages 2.5to 4

The kids play equipment are designed for children above 5 yrs to 12 yrs of age. This includes slides, swings seesaw, wall climbers, rock climbers, adventure play equipment, merry-go-rounds etc.

Outdoor playground adventure play

Funriders design and develop adventure play equipment for kids under the age group 8-12. The play events include movement play, particularly climbing activities. The adventure play zone is designed to keep children active and fit.

The Hybrid adventure series is dedicated to adventure lovers. Kids can find a lot of 

multi-activity play equipment at our new play series.

Themed play areas

With the help of our in-house designers, you can create a unique theme oriented outdoor play area. Our brand new Khelo series have exceptional rides for the young ones.

The new play rides can be viewed with a ‘new’ tag on all our catalogues, Request our catalogue now!

The nature play series can be customized to the clients’ needs. For more information regarding the playground installation and maintenance please click the link below.

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