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Indoor Climbing Wall

Every minute is worth-while, if there is nothing better than getting outside, sometimes it’s just too hot, too dark, or too winter to get out, then indoor climbing wall may seem enormous on the scale of excitement and adventure in family recreation module. Indoor climbing wall is truly the most unique and innovatory concept in family entertainment sector that has ever been created.

Indoor climbing walls can be individually themed. The conspicuous feature is the climbing walls themselves, as each of the walls is truly a work of art. Climbers can scale walls like Grand Teton, the 'American Alps', or take a trek across Indian Creek, Moab. Our walls are designed to allow children of all ages to push themselves to their personal limits. Parents can repetitively provide feedback when the children have to face apparently insurmountable obstacles, and overcoming the obstacle through their own desire to succeed.

Specifications, difficulty and dimensions will change as per the theme and client requirement. Participants grab each part of static rope and climb up with stepping on the horizontal bar until end to the top. Hands grab the belay line with a constantly descending speed and a comfortable landing.

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