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Kids Amusement Parks
Kids Amusement Parks are play centers, located in indoor or outdoor environment, comprising of various play elements, gaming area, children art and craft area, party room and/or a café area. They are specifically designed for kids to play-in and have tremendous fun. The foremost attraction of the Kids Amusement Park are the stunning themes which creates a WOW factor for children and improves their learning ability. As this play centers are meant for kids, we pay more attention to the safety and offer a safer play area. We select high quality eco-friendly materials, sparkling colors, soft cushioned floors and security options while setting up Kids Amusement Park.
Since its origination in 1990's in the US, Kids Amusement Parks have enjoyed immense admiration all over the world. Today, it has evolved from the simple indoor climbing frame, to the complex childrens’ play centers that include multiple play areas serving different age groups. In addition to the ticket sales, the revenue of Kids Amusement Parks comes from diverse sources of children’s entertainment and services such as hosting parties, gift sales, kids art and craft competitions, drinks, and more.

Family Entertainment Centers
Family entertainment centers have been conceived as unique fun destinations with custom made attractions comprising ofSoft play structures, Trampoline Parks, Bumper Cars, Interactive and electric rides, Climbing walls, Video games, Climbing Nets(Rope Course), Spider Towers, Go karts, etc.,. and hailed as a high quality entertainment provider which gives value for every penny spent.
Funriders will assist youintegrate family entertainment centers in new or existing buildings or as a part of larger master plans. They are also sometimes built as an addition to a shopping mall or similar complex. But in every case, a first class FEC from Funriders gives the developer the opportunity to maximize revenues based on enhanced footfall.
Family entertainment centers are a highly profitable industry that has been growing rapidly over the past several years. This is largely due to a trend within the country to return to family values. Families are spending more time together and are looking for alternative recreational activities to participate in together.

Airport Play area
The airport’s cute play areas attracts families as it can keep your child busy for hours and acts as a lifesaver if a flight is delayed, or in cases where you need to check-in extra early for an international flight. These days, almost all international airports ought to have play areas. This is because, when travelling by plane, a good part of your trip is spent at airports. In fact, on many trips you spend more time at an airport than you do flying. Some areas are small enclosed areas with toddler toys while others are large elaborate play set-upsthat will make your child active and awake.

Kids play Crèche @ Mall
Experience the joy of more than shopping!!!!!!!!!!
There is no need to rush home just yet. Leave the car parked right where it is and stroll over to the venue where plenty of entertainment awaits.
In today’s society it is a parent’s expectation that a crèche facility will be made available for shoppers along with other child related services. In any shopping complex, the inclusion of a crèche not only provides a valuable and socially caring service, it also increases the average spend of shoppers.
Developers and retailers have got the realization that a well-managed crèche has become a progressively important market factor in the success of any shopping centre. A shopper's crèche can enhance the experience of shopping by allowing the parents complete freedom to shop at ease, knowing that their children are not only being safely looked after but are also enjoying themselves in a cheerful and boosting child oriented environment.
The children can find a great assortment of play equipment including sand play, ball pool, play structure, soft obstacles, adventure series like trampoline parks and rock climbing walls, interactive play,etc. to ensure an existing and stimulating experience which they will soon want to repeat.

Resorts, Restaurants , Clubs & Conventional Centers
Nowadays families are more interested to go for kids’ friendly restaurants which have playgrounds or play facilities. Playgrounds at resorts/restaurants/clubs / conventional centers provide a fun place for the children to stay busy while their mom and dad are absorbed in parties or meetings. Restaurants are coming up with more customized options for customers to give them an unforgettable experience thereby encouraging many return visits. Play areas can act as fun areas for younger children to play and Funriders can design a space that works best for your restaurant traffic patterns and customers.

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