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What We Do


Conceptualization is the key which determines the direction and character of the project. Our experts conceptualize the vision of our clients in such a way that each project comes out amazing and inimitable in the market. This mission is accomplished by keeping in mind,the various dimensions and indicators like -

►Outlining the locality of the desired playground

►The number of players to be accommodated at a given time or the playground capacity

►Opting for diverse products matching all the targeted age groups. 

►Ensuring sufficient equipment to avoid overuse and accidents

►Budget allocation of the clients

►Introduction of new and existing play options to have wider selections.

Product Selection & Project Plannings

We plan the anticipated project by integrating the most suitable play equipment in accordance with your site, structure, project facilities & income generation models and make a layout with the proposed products, giving you a draft model with rough project estimate.


Think bigger! We help you envision a superior way. Through product design we make these ideas real and delightful.

When we design a playground, we put ourselves in the shoes of the playground owner. Our experienced designing team works closely with you to make sure the optimum use of your space, the right fusion of play events and activities, the best playability, the finest visibility and maximum safety. As the consequence of which your playground will turn out to be the most attractive to the people and will generate sustainable high profits.


Our manufacturing plant situated at Kinfra Park, Nellad, Kerala is equipped with expert engineers and creative designers, who are keen to assess the whole process of play equipment production; from concept to reality. Each step of the manufacturing process is scrutinized by the QA team in order to gift you a trouble free play option.We use the materials are good quality accurate inspection is carried out at each processing stage under the best professional supervision. We realize that hard and rough materials would hurt children’s delicate skin and we make it a point to create all our products using high quality virgin polymer. We recognize that every project is unique and are determined to provide the best outcome for those who have entrusted their valuable time and money with us. We offer our clients a golden opportunity to visit our factory before we start their dream project and witness the quality production.

Project Implementation

  • Quality Checking

We work closely with our industries to make sure that all the finished products, which are at the end of the assembly line, are subjected to the severe scrutiny by our QA team who certify the products on the grounds of its strict compliance to the highest international quality standards. After their approval the final products are cleared for transportation to our valued customers.

  • Product Delivery

Following our firm commitment to all our business clients, we make sure that all the products reach the specific locations within the quantified time, further ensuring the products delivered are identical to the chosen design & specifications and are free from any imperfections.

  • Installation

Installation is at least 30% of quality. Even the best equipment, if installed incorrectly, might look unorganized or eventually fall apart. To install play equipment you need skilled workers with years of field training and experience. We at Fun Riders are proud to boast about our team of professional installation experts who have travelled all across India & worked on projects spanning across various topographies, ethnicities, climates etc.

Operational Support

  • Completions & Trails

We not only install our products on the specified location, but also execute trials to ensure the operational safety before the rides are opened for visitors.

  • Thematization & Final Touches

We also offer custom thematization to our products to have a WOW factor, which makes our playgrounds look and feel outstanding as compared to the conventional ones.

  • Training

The effective management is one of the key factor which decides the success of any playground.Funriders will extend its support to give a noteworthy operational assistance by ways of training, the usage of the product, safety, scheduled maintenance, provisions ofspare parts, operational efficiency, sales techniques, financial management, etc,.

  • After sales support

We have always believed in maintaining mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with all our clients. To ensure this, our customer service department religiously follows-up with all our clients on a regular basis for repairs and maintenance.

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