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Cartoon Train is a new type of amusement park rides for people, which drives on the interchange track as its highlight. The catching features and the incorporated by its theory of mini cartoon track train is very simple and several carriages go along the track in the power of attraction.

Cartoon track train will surprise and joy to deeply leave in the hearts of children’s Cartoon. The use alternate current and some use direct current battery, mainly based on the convenient level of the power for the operational land to determine there with.

Mini cartoon track train is a classic project in the amusement equipment’s, an amazing and surprised riding experience.Inturn its living fossil, which is left in the early industrial revolution for kids whereby brings more happy and merrily to kids.

►Cartoon Train is a new type of amusement park rides for people, which drives on the interchange track. Cartoon Train consists of 12 beautiful-shaped, composition of different styles, mighty fleet of carriages.

►Bright color automobile paints & The best quality components and parts

►The material is the best quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics(FRP)& Thick  Steel to ensure long service life.


Kids electric track train amusement park ride is suit for funfairs, amusement parks, fairgrounds, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, theme parks and carnivals.
Better to deal this ride with others in order to attract more people to ride.

Technical Parameter

  • Model : FRAR2012
    Area              : 7m*14m
    Size                 : L40m*H1.5m
    Weight :  
    Capacity         : 14 seats
    Power             : 1.5 KW
    Voltage           : DC24V/AC220V
    Speed             : 3-5 kmph
    Material           : FRP & Steel
    Customization  :          Yes

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