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 "Caterpillar Sliding" is designed and shaped according to a cartoon character of big caterpillar. The entire train, driven by DC motors, runs along the spiral track, up one moment, falling the next. It is thrilling, interesting, and simulating, welcomed by both children and adults .T

Amusement park train rides caterpillar coaster is made up of 5 cockpits, 4 passengers each in the middle three cabins and 2 passengers each in the front and behind. The cockpits can be themed in different subjects according to customers' request. The cockpits have been modified for a better adult accommodation inside.

Each of its equipment’s can be customized surely, not only in different color but also various models. The whole designs in updated cartoon figures and colorful painting make players enjoy great happiness. 

A classical amusement train rides is very popular among children.

Has exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, gorgeous color, pleasant music. 

Made up of an elliptical galvanization steel rail track and 8 small cabins in cute worm design

Speedy installation and easy demount for business operation

Low power consumption, more suitable for indoor playgrounds

Technical Parameter


Model    :            FRAR2015
Area   : 6m*10m
Size  :  
Weight    : 800 kg
Capacity  : 16 seats
Power   : 1.2 KW
Voltage  : DC24V / AC220V
Speed   : 3-5 kmph
Material  : FRP & Steel
Customization : Yes


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