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The classical kiddie amusement rides,where kids trains are very popular in amusement park or theme parks. These outdoor kids’ trains have exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, gorgeous color and music marked with modern interchange track makes its huge attraction.

Each driver runs on the seat of this train rides simultaneously, along the track direction of automatic steering. The players can also shoot the assorted track, and various kind of animal sound will attract their interesting when the sensor target is hit accurately.

Speedy installation and easy demount for business operation and each driver runs on the seats of UFO seeker simulataneously, along the track direction of automatic steering with the clarion call of its start-up.

Technical Parameter

Model  : FRAR2026
Area  : 10m*14m
Size : L40m*H1.5m
Weight          :  
Capacity   : 14 seats
Power   : 800 W
Voltage     : 220V
Speed      : 3-5 kmph
Material    : FRP & GS
Customization :            Yes


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