Arcade Games

Arcade gaming machines have been dominating the entertainment sector for quite some time. Since the early 1980s, the arcade games evolved tremendously with innovative technologies and the modernistic gaming experience promises to pull the crowds out of their homes to the amusement arcades and FECs.

A plethora of electronic game machines have been queued up to keep the crowd bewitched and thrilled. The simulation gaming machines support high-end graphics along with close to life virtual reality elements to enhance the gaming experience of the players and make them to keep coming back for more. Prize redemption machines have been designed to entrance the players and give them the Vegas – like feel. Sports crazy fans can try their hands on our wide range of sports gaming machines. Dance enthusiasts haven’t been left out either. We offer a wide range of amusement game machines for the waltz junkie to let loose and kick up their heels. In any entertainment center, the toddlers are the pride of the place and our assortment of electronic rides will hold them spellbound keeping your arcade game station always on the spotlights.

Our strong team possess years of combined arcade and FEC industry experience and knowledge required to serve the exceptional needs of the arcade gaming industry across the world - Our targeted market range from family entertainment centers, amusement / theme parks to major corporations and small businesses who are flourishing or trying to step foot into the arcade gaming sector.


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