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We believe in the power of childhood. We take pride in fostering tomorrow’s legends.

“Play is the work of a child” said Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori Method of education which serves as the basis of modern child development. She believed in the ‘secret of childhood’ that all kids are born with potentials and the adults should help that potential.

Each child on earth has the right to play irrespective of their class, race gender or abilities. As responsible adults it is our duty to inspire them to explore the world. At Funriders, our commitment is to create a sound foundation for their prosperous future and we have faith in the power of play!

Being children’s play equipment manufacturer, we strive to create the ideal environment to encourage them in finding their true potential. We take it as our duty to evoke a smile on each kids face and we manufacture each of our products to see those smiles spread far and wide.

We produce trouble free indoor play equipment for the entire childhood; from toddlers to the pre-teens. There are no barriers in the world of play and we make inclusive play options for those who are differently abled.

Each of our soft play equipment and soft toys carry a promise of security along with entertainment and we ensure that are clients who put their complete trust in us are never disappointed.


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