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Animal Carousels, intricate and breathtaking works of kinetic art often called ‘flying animals’ which comes under the category of Amusement Ride has got a reputation in providing magical ride to a ‘dreamland’ that individuals of all ages can appreciate. This signature 150 Sq ft carousel made of high quality fiber figures of land and water animals allowing for up to 36 riders at a time.

Mounded on posts, many of which moves up and down with background music, kiddies and children will enjoy this featured amusement ride with a gyratory platform and animal figure seats as it offers a fantastic experience as though they are really riding that animal.

We have come out with a wide range of carousels with best available price in the Indian market featuring 3, 6, 12, 16, 24, 36 fiber figure seat, mostly horses and other land and sea animals of different sizes . Animal figures will move up and down on the fixed post as the platform rotates, all with background music and lights.

Product Details

►Carousel is a classic amusement ride, also called roundabout, carouse horse, merry go round, typically considered as the reference amusement park rides for children and adult in all parks.

►Both decoration parts and seats are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP), which is No fading, environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance, good stability durable painting.

►When the carousel start run, the carousel rotates gradually, and the horses that connected with the turntable will go up and down along the turntable. It makes the passengers feel like riding on a real horse game.


Carousels are very suitable for amusement parks,indoor/outdoor playgrounds,kindergarten,and fairground for carnival season etc.

Technical Parameter

Model  :             FRAR2008
Area    : 7m*7m
Size    : D6m*H6.8m
Weight   : 3 tons
Capacity    : 16 seats
Power  : 3KW
Voltage  : 380V
Speed     : 3.5 rpm
Material    : FRP&Galvanized Steel
Customization : Yes





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