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Want to know how it feels like in the space? Then definitely you have to try this ride. Human Gyroscope is one of those exiting mechanized ride with humans seated in the middle suspended on a ring that spins on an axis with respect to another ring, which spins on an axis perpendicular to the first axis, on another ring.

A sophisticated version of astronaut training simulator called ‘Aerotrim’, Human Gyroscope or 3-D Space Ring will give a three dimensional 360 degree ride as though spinning in space providing most exciting and thrilling experience. Rotating upside-down and sideways, as fast or slow, the Human Gyroscope can accommodate all body types and fitness levels. Apart from fun and excitement part, it will help to keep balanced even in unusual terrains. It is to be noted that riders do not experience motion sickness because of the changing direction of the spin, which keeps the inner ear balanced.

This amazing machine is well suited for playground, amusement park, theme park, Children Park, shopping mall Gyroscope customized and fit for amusement park, indoor or outdoor playground, plaza, etc.

  • Small footprint family rides both for indoor and outdoor amusement parks, fun fairs or other recreational places, more suitable for body training like prevention of dizziness.
  • With 3 spinning ring loops, different gravity from different weight of players cause the equipment to rotate in different speed. 
  • Durable usage due to strong steel materials and electric motor.


    It's suit for theme parks, amusement parks, playgrounds, carnivals, funfairs and tourist attractions, etc.

Technical Parameter

Model :           FRAR2040
Area   : 5m*5m
Size  : L3.5m*W1.95m*H4m
Weight   : 2 tons
Capacity   : 4 seats
Power   : 4.5KW
Voltage    : 380V
Speed    : 14 rpm
Material  : FRP & Galvanized Steel
Customization : Yes

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