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Made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) and galvanized steel (GS), Ocean Walk rides are the most popular among the amusement ride which encompasses oceanic theme that attracts people of all ages. This art of design amusement ride features rotating platform with background music, lighting and specially designed common and mystical sea animal figure seats that is simply majestic.

Mounded on pedals hanging from the roof, the seats goes round with background music, kiddies and children will enjoy this featured amusement ride with a gyratory platform and interesting sea animal figure seats as it offers a fantastic experience as though they are really sailing sitting on top of a sea animal.

The whole design of Oceanic Walk with updated model and wonderful music can bring about maximum thrill and excitement to all ages. This exiting ride is very much suitable for amusement parks, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, shopping mall, fairgrounds etc.

Classical type of Fiberglass reinforced plastics and smooth appearance

In colorful sporty painting, decorated with lighting LED lamps and pleasant music to attract children too easily.

Cute figures and bright colors make this rides as fun to watch as it is to ride.

Technical Parameter

  • Model   :               FRAR2052
    Area   : 6m*6m
    Size    :  
    Weight   :  
    Capacity : 12 seats
    Power    : 3KW
    Voltage    : 380V
    Speed      : 4-6rmp
    Material  : FRP&Galvanized Steel
    Customization : Yes

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