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One of the popular amazing rides, Tagada Disco is a big gyratory crazy dancing disk cockpit with a gondola lift and tilts just like large unduly weaves, mostly appraised by teenagers because of the disco appeal. Riders can sit in the disk cockpit and enjoy the ride. There are bars behind the riders which they hold on to. The ride starts to spin and go round as the music starts playing and hydraulic arms will bounce the riders up and down. The rapid movement makes the riders feel as if they are in ‘crazy’ flying saucer going here and there in the backdrop of strong shock of disco music.

The whole design of Tagada Disco with innovative design and wonderful music can bring about maximum thrill and excitement to all ages. This exiting ride is very much suitable for amusement parks, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, shopping mall, fairgrounds etc.

Tagada disco originated from Italy, which has become a amusement or theme park ride prevailing all over the world.

Use mainstream system of pneumatic control for all operations, such as equipment main base, passenger access, stand platform. 

Has exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, gorgeous lights, intense vibration and swing.

Technical Parameter

  • Model   :          FRAR2070
    Area : 12mx14m
    Size : D7.5m*H4m
    Weight   : 7.5Ton
    Capacity   : 24 seats
    Power   : 26KW
    Voltage    : 380V
    Speed    : 0-13rpm
    Material   : FRP&Galvanized Steel
    Customization : Yes

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