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A novel design family ride inspired by James Cameron’s signature movie Avatar will always endow with experience that excites the senses and enrich fun factor for kids and families beyond imagination.
Blue star ride is an amazing gyratory family ride featuring ‘Aerospatiale SA-2’ aircraft figure seats with laser guns fixed on arms from the central column where the riders can use their laser guns to shoot the targets on the big column and cabins in front of them. The LED lights and music can bring about maximum thrill and excitement to all ages.
It’s a very versatile ride attraction with not much twists and turns, and every family member can enjoy a ride on it, for that reason suitable for all kinds of amusement or theme parks as it a carnival bike rides.

►A new design rides inspired by the movie”AVATAR” . Made up of 8 double seats in airship-shaped  cockpit around a central area of Pandora Planet,double design of
shooting laser guns are available .
►Funny interactive game of shooting, vivid design and sound make you feel like you areliving in blue romantic planet.
►This attraction rotates very soft, and every family member can enjoy a ride on it,so suitable for all kinds of amusement or theme parks.



This amusement park ride is suit for funfairs, amusement parks, fairgrounds, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, theme parks and carnivals.
Better to deal this ride with others in order to attract more people to ride.

Technical Parameter

Model :        FRAR2004
Area  : 11m*11m
Size    : D10m*H5m
Weight   :  
Capacity : 16 seats
Power : 10KW
Voltage  : 380 V
Speed  : Adjustable
Material  :                FRP & Steel
Customization  : Yes


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