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The Carnival Bike ride is one of the most popular and exiting amusement rides in the family ride secession. The gentle swinging movements of this impressive gyratory ride literally lift the riders out of their seats, letting them experience the weightlessness as if they are in the space.

This featured amusement ride comes in five to eight arms attached to a rotating central axis, while motors at the end of the arms spin on rotary bolts. Cartoon figure seats with pedals, LED lights and colourful painting this self-control pressure rotating amusement product will provide the riders both fun and excitement. This amazing ride can add to both fitness and recreation as riders can pedal along with the coaster rotation which will enhance the fitness.

►Amusement carnival bike rides is a medium-sized mechanical amusement equipment with good quality,also has gained more compliment from customers by its modern appearance and functional movement-“physical exercise”.

►Major rides of rotating carriages for Carnival are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP), equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, Non-fading and durable painting and other advanced electrical accessories.

►It is designed considering children’s interests and psychology, by using updated cartoon figures and colorful painting, to make kids play merrily and enjoy their pleasant childhood.


Function and Feature

Classic type of family rides in amusement parks, fun fairs or other recreational places, more suitable for whole family members to rides and spend happy time together.

► This rides has 8 cockpits, 2 seats for 1 cockpit, and 16 seats in total.

► When the rides is at work, all cockpits can rotate along with the whole rides

► Besides, players can control single cockpit to go up and down by operating the button inside cockpit. So unlimited fun will be experienced when enjoy the rides.

► This rides is decorated with cool FRP cockpit, painted with bright color, and installed with bright LED lamps. Also USB flash disk & SD card are available.




It's suit for big theme park, amusement park, playground and tourist attraction etc.
Better to choose the place of dense population to operate, deal with other facilities together,and maintain the equipment regularly.


Technical Parameter




16 seats



Space area



Input Voltage




Run time


Fence circumference


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