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This newly designed amusement ride is an amalgamation of samba balloon and Jumping Jellyfish, a Paratower, a parachute jump style ride. The Jellyfish Ride, so called because of a floating jellyfish's resemblance to an open parachute. Jellyfish ride is evidently an off-limit ride enjoyable to all age group.

Being a gyratory fairground ride, this can spins, tilts up and down along with the top rotary platform; the cockpits can rotate around the main central shaft. Each cabin is equipped with routing wheel which can be controlled by the riders to increase game thrill and fun. With eye-catching jellyfish image and colorful lamps, funfair jellyfish ride is always a great attraction usually seen in amusement park, theme park, fairground, and scenic spots, etc.

►Amusement jellyfish rides is one kind of new designed amusement park rides. Combine colorful shell cabins and jellyfish design ; Passengers can enjoy themselves very much.

►Happy Jellyfish rides can dance; in fact, jellyfish is the mini swing rotating parachute, this machine combine the function of going up and down, revolution and rotation.

►Each cockpit of jellyfish ride can load 4 persons; Passengers can control the central turntable to control the rotation of the cockpit.



This Jellyfish amusement park ride is suit for funfairs, amusement parks, fairgrounds, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, theme parks and carnivals.
Better to deal this ride with others in order to attract more people to ride.


Function and Feature

Classic type of family rides in amusement parks, fun fairs or other recreational places, more suitable for whole family members to rides and spend happy time together.

► This rides has 8 cockpits, 3 seats for 1 cockpit, and 24 seats large capacity in total.

► When the rides is at work, all cockpits not only rotate along with the whole rides, but also go up and down because of shaking-head top.

► Besides, players can control single cockpit to rotate clockwise or not by turning the Steering Wheel in the middle of every cockpit. So unlimited fun will be experienced when you enjoy the Jellyfish.

► This rides is decorated with vivid FRP Jellyfish, painted with sea background, and installed with bright LED lamps. Also USB flash disk & SD card are available.

Technical Parameter

Model : FRAR2067
Area : 8mx8m
Size  : L6m*B6m*H5.5m
Weight : 8.5 Tons
Capacity : 12 seats
Power : 21KW
Voltage  : 380V
Speed   : Adjustable
Material   : FRP&Galvanized Steel
Customization     :            Yes

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