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Samba Balloon is a perfect family attraction. Brightly outfitted with colorful spinning tubs and flashing lights on the balloons, sweeps and center column, Samba Balloons’ eight hot-air balloon cockpit can accommodate adults and children.

This amazing ride is maneuvered by using three-phase motors and hydraulic cylinders. The central column, a kink mainmast, provides a wave flight, which rotates in the counter direction of the spinning cockpit, each cockpit can accommodate 4 riders at a time and the passengers can power the central turntable control the rotation of the cockpit. Bright paintings and LED lamps enhance the beauty of the ride.

Classic type of family rides in amusement parks, more suitable for whole family members to rides and spend happy time together.

► This rides has 8 cockpits, 3 seats for 1 cockpit, and 24 seats in total.

► When the rides is at work, all cockpits not only rotate along with the whole rides, but also go up and down because of shaking-head top.

► Besides, players can control single cockpit to rotate clockwise or not by turning the Steering Wheel in the middle of every cockpit.

► This ride is decorated with vivid FRP Samba balloon, painted with bright color, and installed with bright LED lamps.

Technical Parameter

  • Model :            FRAR2059
    Area : 10m*10m
    Size  : D9m*H4.2m
    Weight  :  
    Capacity    : 24 seats
    Power  : 12KW
    Voltage   : 380 V
    Speed(main/sub) : 7.5rpm/9rpm
    Material     : FRP&Steel
    Customization : Yes

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