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The newly designed small octopus is one of the hot amusement rides for parks and fairgrounds. The movement caused by the rotation motor, where this incredible machine whirls provides the riders a strong joyful feeling with an ever enduring thrilling experience. This newly developed octopus rides for children and cartoon figures added brings up the pleasure impact in the mind of the users.

Small octopus ride is ride of its kind that resembles the shape of an octopus. The originative sculptures, images, LED lights, music and other elements bring about a fashionable and glaring effect. Comes with a speed is adjustable option; both appearance and the size can be customized according to the customers’ demands requirement. This small octopus amusement ride is designed featuring all attractive elements is a requisite for amusement parks, funfairs, theme parks, playground and suited spaces.

►Small octopus rides is a type of amusement rides in the shape of an octopus, this is one latest amusement park rides which is designed by Sinorides.

►Small octopus amusement rides are designed with cute octopus features, which is more attractive to kids. The octopus rides speed is adjustable. Seats can always be added at a later date. Both appearance and the size can be customized according to the customers’ demands.

►Small octopus park ride is a must for amusement parks, funfairs, theme parks and playgrounds. If you are interested in this octopus rides, come and customize the amusement rides machine for your park.



It's suit for theme parks, amusement parks, playgrounds and tourist attractions, etc.
Better to choose the place of dense population to operate, deal with other facilities together, and maintain the equipment regularly.


Function and Feature

►Latest design family amusement rides by SINORIDES with interesting octopus style, suitable for a variety of theme playground.

►This Octopus Ride is a rotating amusement equipment with a tilt angle.

 Rotating, at the same time, ups & downs, bring the passengers different feelings.

►The colors of the octopus and the seats can be customized according to theme park. If you like it, come & design the unique Octopus for your park.


Technical Parameter

  • Model   :         FRAR2066
    Area  : 6m*6m
    Size   : D5m*H5m
    Weight  : 5 Tons
    Capacity    : 16 seats
    Power   : 11 KW
    Voltage  : 380 V
    Speed  : 6-10 rpm
    Material    : FRP&GS
    Customization :            Yes

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