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 Set out a journey in adventurous mode and to-and –fro movements make us rocking with an adventures feel in cars for all customers and kids. It takes and performing the human world of space development and utilization of the brilliant achievements and reflects the human space life interesting prospects with superficial thrills.

Exclusive and outstanding sliding movements in this amusement rides makes something more attractive and demand. It is suitable and permissible for children with their tallness constraints,but side dive movements along the track feel with enchanting feel. 

Passenger in this car wiil be in the cockpit disk rotates steadily and the car body slides along the track smoothly with enchanting amusement and thrill. The tints of attractive hues and allied with festooned lights diffractive twinkling and bounce of pleasant music, 

Technical Parameter

  • Model   :        FRAR2074
    Area  : 15m*15m
    Size    : L11.5m*B2m
    Weight  :  
    Capacity  : 8 seats
    Power    : 5 KW
    Voltage : 220V
    Speed   : 1.98m/s
    Material : FRP & GS
    Customization : Yes

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