Indoor Soft Play

For those burning hot days and raining cats and dogs, when the kiddies dream of a calm weather when they can scamper and play with endless energy to blaze but the outside playground is not an option, the soft play beckons.

Founded in 2010 Funriders are the pioneers in FEC Design and Development in India, Soft Play Manufacturers and Soft Play Suppliers. Designed and built with strict safety standards, creativity and ever enduring values make us the most trusted name in commercial indoor soft play manufacturing and indoor playground installation in the nation.

Funriders continues to be the vibrant and pulsating entity in indoor soft play area design and manufacturing and indoor Soft Play area supplier in India that has constantly striven to stay ahead with a blend of quality, excellence, innovation and creativity. And throughout our journey to success, we have believed in ingraining certain core values and principles which drive the way we do business. These include:

    1.Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and service

    2.Conceptualizing ideas, planning and execution

    3.Ethical and professional service and operational support

Indoor Play area  provides hours of healthy, expressive and creative play for children up to 15 years old.  The total play area is designed and segmented, as per the age of the children. Special toddler area for kids strictly up to 3 years, module 2 for kids between ages 4 to 8 and more adventurous play area that is module 3 for children between ages 9 to 15.    

Designed and manufactured in our factory, we supply safe and best quality soft play product keeping in mind the utmost safety of children and also environmental sensitivity adhere to the strictest HSE measures. We use non toxic, high grade polyester PVC the best material available on the market for soft play equipment and inflatable products. Off shelf product are filled with high quality, flame retardant CNC cut foam for great shape definition and conform to all current safety regulations and international standards.

Funriders is the most trusted supplier of  soft play and other extensive and ever growing range of activities like trampolines parks, rope course, rock climbing, zip lines, wave slides, tunnels roller slides and lot more. We also have off the shelf soft play products from single items up to large multi-piece play sets and play zones, covering an ever growing range of themes.

Arguably the leading manufacturer of commercial indoor soft play equipments and amenities in the nation, our projects are fully coaxed and structured to meet our client’s requirement and also our product convenes all safety standards and potency requirements. Our each project is unique and "one of a kind design". We do this for one simple reason; when our client makes an investment, we want to make sure that they get hold of the best "return" possible. Our indoor playground equipments are No.1 in quality.

We have a variety of indoor playground and soft play designs that suits your needs.



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