Kids Amusement Parks Design & Development

Incredible experience, lovingly crafted and built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride. Kids Amusement Parks have it all!  Kids Amusement Parks are the real play centers, indoor or outdoor encompassing various play elements, gaming area, children art and craft area, party rooms, cafeterias, and lot more. Kids Amusement Parks are designed especially for kids to play-in and have tremendous fun. The prime attraction of the Kids Amusement Park is the dazzling themes which create a WOW factor for children and improves their learning ability.

Themed environments have always endowed with experience that excites the senses and enrich the lives of kids and families beyond imagination.  Funriders meets those challenges by turning dream-level concepts into real facilities and experiences.

Founded in 2010 Funriders are the pioneers in FEC design and development in India. More than just adding some fun rides, Kids Amusement Park Design and Development is a creative work of art which has to have all the elements that could mesmerize kids and elders. Funriders is a team of highly experienced and professional designers and developers to support our clients in conceptualization, product selection & project planning, designing, implementation and operation. We are committed to provide you with all the right answers to your questions and build you a Kids Amusement Park that will not only thrill and delight your customers; it will ensure great returns on your investment for years to come.

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