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 Big Pendulum Rides is one of the thrilling and popular rides in the amusement parks today. The super pendulum rides can satisfy young people's mental needs of surpassing, excelling and exploring, helping them relax.

Mini swing ride pendulum is suit for amusement park, Kids Park, funfair etc. with its kind of transmission method will have more exciting experiences you will experience more and more thrill process.

Leading you to experience weightlessness when the cabin runs from one side to the other, making experience weightlessness when the cabin runs from one side to the other, making it great pleasure for the entire family riding together. 

►Mini pendulum is a thrilling amusement rides machine, its loading base like a pendulum bobbing 90 or 120 even 360 degree, making passenger exciting and screaming. It’s a new amusement product and popular in amusement parks and fairgrounds.

►It is made of super thicker Steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic, decorated with thousands of colorful LED lamps and comprehensive music device, assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs.

►This amusement equipment is modeling beautiful. Bright color, gorgeous and charming lights to decorate, realistic and simulated air-combat-sound effects, this is one best family amusement rides for parks.



It's suit for theme parks, amusement parks, playgrounds and tourist attractions, etc.
Better to choose the place of dense population to operate, deal with other facilities together, and maintain the equipment regularly.


Function and Feature

Small Pendulum also be named as Challenger. Thanks to its spectacular movements and has guaranteed an increase of park attendance, the attraction has become an indispensable one in park.

The main arm can do max 150°accelerated back and forth movement, the cockpit can 360°clockwise and anti-clockwise rotating. All these movements provides a very high and exciting sensation perfect for passengers who sitting on the circular cockpit.

► Outside facing passengers and free dangling legs make the visitors feel like flying in the sky.

Technical Parameter

  • Model             : FRAR2067
  • Area                : 8mx8m
  • Size                : L6m*B6m*H5.5m
  • Weight            : 8.5 Tons
  • Capacity          : 12 seats
  • Power              : 21KW
  • Voltage            : 380V
  • Speed              : Adjustable
  • Material           : FRP&Galvanized Steel
  • Customization  : Yes

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