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Kids play centre Business in India- Tips for beginners

Kids play centre Business in India- Tips for beginners

Kids need active playgrounds, not smartphones! We are on a mission to spread a new way of entertainment. Our indoor soft play world is dedicated to all kiddies out there.

Funriders indoor playground is a new age play area for new-gen kids. Here we promote a completely gadget-free play with multi-activity zones that promote mental and physical health. The play area caters to children of all abilities and it has separate toddler play and kids play zones.

The creche facility and children’s party space makes it the perfect place to hang out with kids. Adults who accompany children can also have a wonderful time at the trampoline parks. It may also have added facilities such as kid’s salon and coffee space.

Indoor soft play equipment

The multi-activity play station is fun and it promises safety for the little children. The climbing, sliding and bouncing activities enable kids to be active and agile throughout the playtime. Our indoor play areas have a variety of soft toys, children’s play equipment and trampolines.

What is so special about the indoor soft play?

The indoor soft play structure is made with textures which are soft and extra safe. At Funriders, we manufacture each of the kids play equipment using high-quality polymer that is lead-free and safe.

There are separate play equipment for toddlers available in each of our indoor playgrounds. In the toddler play area; there is extra soft mini play equipment for extra care.

Indoor soft play equipment 2019-2020

The playground should inspire kids to move jump and celebrate their freedom. The multi-level play equipment at a soft play area will surely attract young minds.

Soft play area needs to be an encouraging environment that provides ample freedom, to move as they please. Today, the high bouncing trampolines and innovative play equipment have taken the charge. The evergreen play equipment like slides swings and merry-go-rounds have modified into creative play rides.

Doughnut slide

The sliding is so much fun with the funny doughnut seats. Kids search for something extraordinary and here we have a slide with a twist. The child can sit inside the doughnut and he or she can slide through the slopped ramp in a funny way.

Climbing walls

What is soft play without a little bit of adventure? The indoor climbing walls are created for the little ones. Kids can climb up the soft walls by coordinating their body movements. The climbers are safe to be used by young kids as there is a foam pool to jump down.


The multi-player activity combines the fun of trampolines and crossing the hurdles. The meltdown play permits eight kids to play along. The rotating foam hurdle moves in the clockwise direction and the players cross the hurdle by jumping over it.


The maze is a fun activity including soft play obstacles and soft blocks. Children could jump over the soft foam walls and cross hurdles; it is also an exercise in disguise as there is a lot of body coordination and movement are involved in it.

Inclined trampoline

The inclined trampoline provides safety for the jumpers. The slanted structure enables free bouncing as the user enjoys complete freedom in the trampoline park.

Battle beam

Crazy battle holding the foam beams and balancing oneself on the narrow bridge is a thrilling experience. The opponents stand on the narrow bridge looking face to face and begin hitting the other with a foam beam. The person who is able to balance oneself till the end will be the winner. The loser would fall down into the comfort of foam blocks.

Spider Tower

It is a fun climbing challenge, where kids can climb the multiple layered towers and reach the top layer. It improves children’s competitive and coordination skills.

Triple wave slides and steep slides have much demand these days as kids prefer to be a little adventurous in the playground. For the adventure seekers, we have the much-advanced zip lines and ropes course as well.


The adrenaline park has millions of fans worldwide. The trampolines are worldly acknowledged fun exercise tool for all ages. Irrespective of age bar all can play inside a large trampoline park. There is also a mini trampoline for children with safety handles.

Crèche facility

Parents can do their jobs at ease and travel peacefully as their kids are at safe hands. The creche facility at the play centres will be a boon for the busy parents. They can drop the little ones at the creche and do their duties peacefully. Especially the parents in metro cities would find this facility much more helpful.

Party space

The kid’s friendly ambience makes our place the ideal Birthday party venue!! With our own cafeteria facility, we can arrange the best ever Kitty parties and get to gathers.


Parents who accompany children have a great chance to relish the taste of special delicasies.

Selfie Zone

Make each moment memorable at the play station. Capture one of those cute smiles at the selfie zone- take back home a bunch of happiness!!!

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