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Indoor play centre at your Business space- complete guide

Indoor play centre at your Business space- complete guide

Today indoor play centre is the perfect business strategy for various sectors like shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants and office spaces. The family entertainment centres make the business space more welcoming and family-friendly. The indoor playground manufacturers have changed the entire shopping concept with the advent of indoor play areas and adult trampoline parks.

In the city, you will find indoor play areas as the perfect place for a family outing and weekend get to gathers. With our variety of indoor soft play equipment, we help our clients to make their business space more family-friendly.

Installing an indoor soft playground at your shopping complex or retail outlet can guarantee regular visits and increase business growth. Parents will also feel at ease when kids just love your ambience. The mall play areas create the ideal ambience for shopping and it is also a great marketing strategy for your space.    

The play area business opportunities

With the customized indoor playground equipment, the shopping space turns out to be more attractive to children and even when parents finish their shopping, kids would prefer to stay back. The more time customers spend in your shop the more they explore your products.

While parents are busy with shopping, children can freely play inside the playground. This would make your place the most customer-friendly and you will surely win regular visitors.

The indoor playground can boost your USP and the kid’s friendly ambience will be an exceptional return on investment.

The indoor Soft Play areas are durable and are easy to maintain. As the play equipment is not exposed to sunlight and polluted air outside, it will last longer. Which means once you install a play area you will have a guaranteed fun time for many years.

At Funriders we offer a wide variety of Soft Play structures for malls, including customized play spaces that match your brand identity. The indoor soft playground equipment can fit in any area size and budget.

How to design your indoor play area?


Retail shopping sector is highly competitive, in order to stand out among the rest you should make your business space more attractive and unique. Installing a Soft Play structure will be a great reason for people to visit, stay longer and re-visit.

Know your brand identity- the play areas should match your brand theme. Be it in colour, character or outlook. The fully customized play structures can boost your brand value as well.

Keep an eye on vacant spaces- the play area equipment can be set in a minimum of 200sq feet. Make sure your play area offers ample space to walk and talk. The kids play area equipment ranges from kid’s mini slides, rockers, mini trampolines and so on.

Know your customer's age group- The age-appropriate play equipment should be provided for each of your visitors. The soft play equipment are designed for toddlers (6months to three years) and kids (4-12yrs). Trampoline parks and ninja courses are designed for all ages and people of all categories will enjoy them.

Play areas for Differently abled Funriders manufacture play equipment for people of all ages and abilities. Our sensory play equipment cater to different senses. 

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