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The soft toys are made exclusively for the first visitors of the play world. As babies are too sensitive, their delicate skin needs something which is just like itself. Child specialists advice parents to use free toys in the sensory motor stage (0-2 yrs.) which enable kids to touch, chew and feel as these are the most effective tools for brain development.

Toddlers have a tendency to curiously check on new things and taste them like a pro. Our toddler play toys are made using the virgin polymer which is nontoxic and allergy free. The Multi-coloured foam toys attract those little eyes and the soft texture gives them comfort as well as safety.

Our wide range of soft toys includes numerous soft shapes, climbers, foam blocks, and ball pool where toddlers can crawl, bounce and fall safe into the softer toy.

Model : KAPS-K1002
Size : 1200X1200X400
Material :          FOAM,PVC TARPAULIN

Technical Parameter

Model : KAPS-K1002
Size : 1200X1200X400
Material :          FOAM,PVC TARPAULIN

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