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KAPS - 2101

Kids love to run up and down!!! We at Funriders are always curious to know their fun demands and we could bring out the classic idea of Double Decker MFS!!! Our innovative play idea entertains the kids who are eager to have a blast in the playground.

The double decker MFS is designed according to the activity list advised by child specialists. It enables the child to run,climb,slide, swing and explore. It involves physical activity as well as mental stimulation. The climbers provide ample space to stretch their muscles and kids can have a quick work out. The cross word puzzles inside the MFS gives them a new experience, of learning through play. The variety of slides like spiral, wave and tube slides provides a way for exploration and excitement.

The double layered play area allows more friends to play at a time and kids will be happy to play with their peers.

Play events Included: Swing set,Climbers ,Slide varients;Tube slide,Wave slide, Spiral slide, Roller slide,Cross and zero puzzles, Walking bridge, Rope climber.

PRODUCT ZONE 12 m x 7.8 m
PLAY ZONE 14 m x 9.8 m
IDEAL FOR 5 to 12 years

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