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FRSC 103

Race to slide!!! A wonderful combination of scramblers and slides are designed for the adventure lovers. It allows kids to have a playful race through the scramblers!! The winner can definitely slide the way down to the ground!!

It is a smart design which makes the kids instantly active and playful. The scramblers offer a multitude of fun in climbing, jumping and balancing through the metallic rails. It helps in stretching body muscles and improves the attention span. Those who are a little bit adventurous and playful would love this ride to the core. Kids are encouraged to climb up the ladders to one end to the other; it would be a greater enjoyment as they can have fun in groups.

Playing in the scramblers is actually a fun work out for kids. The activity helps in balancing and body coordination. It is the perfect choice for outdoor play grounds to have a playful workout.

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