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Is your playground inclusive?

Is your playground inclusive?

All children in the world deserve a space to be called their own, where they can be themselves, to be able to run jump and scream!!! Outdoor playground equipment manufacturers all across the globe dedicate their time in search of new play options and creative ideas.

The primary goal in creating a play area is providing fun for all kids regardless of their limitations or abilities. It is important to give equal opportunities to the children who are differently abled.

  • Include physical play
  • Kids need to be active and energetic. Playing ’real’ is an essential factor in staying active.The fitness equipment and the monkey bars have a universal appeal. Stretching activities in the scramblers would give them ample energy. The kids who use wheel chair ought to have access to the pull up bars and it would be fun for them to play with the children of their age without any barriers.

  • Sensory Play Elements
  • Children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders often prefer sensory stimulation since it permits them to explore and learn how the world works in a cooperating way. While a youngster is involved with sensory play, he or she is working towards enhancing their cognitive and motor skills, stimulating their creativity, and developing social skills. Play elements such as Belted swings, sensory-rich wall games, musical play or inclusive merry go rounds are perfect for fulfilling their sensory needs.

  • Encourage Communication
  • While interactive games are commonly played with friends on the playground,some children may hesitate to play with a group. Here is the scope of the music elements!!! The open air music play would enhance their mood and it will give them a platform to showcase their talents. It not only allows children to play with the sounds of their surroundings, but also inspires further skill development through the hand-eye coordination practises.

  • Creative play for cognitive growth
  • The child has full freedom inside the playground. He or she becomes at most independent when they engage in creative free play. The numerous play choices presented on a playground are one way to help children develop their cognitive skills. We can also think about including structures that feature other skill promoting tasks such as a play puzzle, maze in the garden, and other creative ideas that improve their logical and reasoning abilities.

  • A space for socializing
  • It’s important to have play zones where children can feel emotionally secure and feel comfortable.Children need to not only be able to physically interact with the environment but also be encouraged to intermingle with peers. After ensuring that there are activities on the playground that engage the child in the different forms of play, it’s important to then consider the following design choices when creating a playground:

    • wheel chair accessible play equipment
    • Wider platforms, surface grip
    • Safe and covered play equipment seats
    • Sensory play
    • Non- slippery platforms and equipment
    • Space for socializing
    • Inclusive play equipment designs
    • Accessible play area design

The inclusive playgrounds boost the self-confidence of children who are differently abled. The children’s play equipment manufacturers give primary importance to safety and for the children who need extra care they also put a little extra effort. A well designed play area captures their heart and the ease of access to all rides make them feel comfortable.

Fitness equipment

Fitness is equally important for children as it is for elders. The activities inside the play area are really exercises in disguise. The children do not get tired by playing for long hours. For differently abled kids the activities inside the play area will be much more relaxing than their usual exercise sessions.

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